About this site

Boffi is one of the brands carried by kitchen Infinity Holdings. This is a drmo page for this particular brand.

How to create it ...

We designed it from scratch. We use a very simple but straight forward design to show all models in each section. In order to provde better user browsing experience, we designed using modal poppped out instead of going to another webpage, it means users can browse all information in website without leaving the homepage.

We use Wordpress Elementor as a template engine for quick layout design. It saved us many hours of work. However Elementor is too slow to handle popup page, so we integrated a jquery modal popup in Elementor. In turn, It is surprisingly quick response time.

CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Images modification, responsive layout design, user defined post type, wordpress caching, etc.

Active website but slow, as customers did not do maintenance and it is located in Hong Kong.