About this site

Canada Immigration is our own project. It is a Canadian immigration consultant platform. People wanting to immigrate to Canada can find licensed Canadian immigration consultants there. So they don't need to use non-licensed immigration agents in their homeland. However, we decided not to continue the work as we were finally aware of the income model having a problem.

How to create it ...

We designed this website from scratch. We use Red and White as the main color to represent Canada.

As we want to lead customers to do any one of the three things: Chat with Consultant, Filling out the form, or Join Seminar, we designed a direction sign at the top banner, so they can easily follow our leads. The layout of information is very clear. We do section by section with no vagueness. We believe “Less is more. “

As we found that users need to fill in a lot of information in our application form, we applied a technique called dynamic form to help users shorten their time.

This webpage is powered by wordpress engine. We use Elementor as our template engine. We also use Dynamic Forms (Contact Form 7) on this website. This technology makes the form dynamically change based on the user 's previous answers, so they won't see some unnecessary questions.

CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Images modification, responsive layout design, Elementor, Contact Form 7, Material Design.

Not Launched , but we have backup on hand.