About this site

Kitchen Infinity brought the world’s best kitchen design to Asian homes. This is a big website with a lot of information including all marketing events and projects with property builders. It is originally designed from another website solution provider. We took over their projects as they could not continue for unknown reasons. This project was very challenging as we had to follow what they have done before without documents provided.

How to create it ...

We followed the existing design like color tone, fonts and layout to continue the work. However, some pages were totally designed and made by us and we tried our best to keep the design looks the same as a whole.

This webpage is powered by wordpress engine. However, single posts type cannot handle all the information, so we made a few user defined post types to store other data like events, projects, and brands. This data can also be searched or filtered in the website.

CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Images modification, responsive layout design, user defined post type, wordpress caching, etc.

Active website but slow, as customers did not do maintenance and it is located in Hong Kong.